Perfector Skincare

Non-Surgical Facelift/Skin Tightening $150

Non surgical face, eye, and neck lift. Using microcurrent technology, muscles are stimulated resulting in a lifted, firmer appearance. Results are immediate so its great to do before a special event. Long lasting results are seen after a series of consecutive treatments.


Perfector provides the ultimate non-surgical facelift through cellular resonance, along with cell and skin regeneration. The 6-stage treatment includes lymphatic drainage, circulation boost, cell regeneration and ionization of marine-sourced collagen into the skin. You can focus on one problem area like puffy eyes, sagging chin and neck, forehead wrinkles/lines, cheeks/jowls or the whole face. 

Perfector Microcurrent Facelift

Perfector CCS7, from the UK, is the world's most powerful, non-invasive cell communication system that whispers to your cells, reeducates your muscles, and reverses aging naturally. Through a series of proprietary low level frequencies within a highly defined signal the Perfector delivers dramatic results after just one treatment. With its unique cell reversal technology, The Perfector far surpasses any other microcurrent facelifting treatments with such a precise, uninterrupted signal that 'speaks the cell's language'  with pinpointed efficacy. 

For the last 30 years, Perfector has retained it's stature as the best non-surgical facelift device in the industry and is placed in the most prestigious locations in the world from the RAC Club next to Buckingham Palace, to top hotel spas from London, to Ireland, to Beverly Hills with celebrities raving about the Perfector's results. With 9 different programs treating the entire spectrum of skin conditions, and by lifting sagging muscles, your clients will never have felt or looked younger with results that will be written all over their face. 

The Perfector is the treatment of choice by our high-profile clientele and is hailed as the 'celebrity facelift' for those who want to look youthful naturally without fillers, botox or surgery. This treatment has been hailed as a celebrity secret for those who want to 'face up' to natural anti-aging and eternal youth - but holistically. 

How does it work?

With a combination of uninterrupted nanocurrent and microcurrent, it painlessly provides the ultimate non-surgical, non-invasive facelift, neck and brow lift, face contouring, skin rejuvenation, line and wrinkle removal, and acne/scar healing, to make skin glow from within. There is simply no other microcurrent facelift device that delivers results quite like the Perfector and will be the most sought-after treatment any spa can offer.

The Perfector Skincare CCS7 provides nine stages of non-invasive treatment which aids the building of new tissue and lifts sagging muscles through a combination of both chemical and electrical rejuvenation.  The unique micro-processor control software stimulates an increase in the production of healthy skin cells and results in lifted facial muscles.

Perfector works on the cell membrane which is regenerated through the positive and negative electrical signals produced by the CCS7.  When the charge is altered the protein is encouraged to change shape and thus accept nourishment whilst rejecting any harmful elements.  A specific channel type “Adenosine Tri-Phosphate” (ATP) turns the cells in to a constantly recharging biological battery often likened to AGE REVERSAL.

Clients will benefit from:

  • Lifted facial features including eyebrow arch and Zygomatic muscles (both major & minor groups)

  • Lengthening of muscles to reduce forehead lines

  • Shortening of muscle groups e.g. nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)

  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles

  • Our powerful lymphatic drainage sequences to reduce puffy under eye circles

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Reduction of congested sinuses

  • Detoxifying treatments suited for congested skins

  • Cosmopolitan: “The Star Wars of modern facials”

  • Health & Fitness Magazine: “A gentle electronic facial that makes you look younger, requires no effort and doesn’t hurt”

  • Company Magazine: “Revitatlisesand refreshes your face”

  • Best: “The impulses work to life sagging jaw, cheek and neck muscles and soften superficial lines and wrinkles”

  • Marie Claire Magazine: “Skin looks fresher and plumper!”



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